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The pros and cons of a recruiter working from home!

29 May 2020

by Ruella Crouch

​Twelve years ago, Ruella James made the decision to work from home, something that was quite unusual at the time but for most of us recruiters this has now become our norm. I would like to share some pros and cons around some of those challenges.
The geographical distance challenge - out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind!
Working remotely has had its challenges but we have proved with the right framework in place that it can be done and with great success!  At the start of each day we have a team video call and talk about our objectives and share ideas, this is then followed up at the end of the day with individual calls to see how everyone’s day has gone.  We also catch up for a jolly once every few weeks - although this has moved on line since lock down!
Happy teams = increased team performance!
Getting the right team dynamic is crucial in obtaining optimal team performance.  We may work remotely but everyone is accountable and invested in being the best that we can be.  So what makes us a ‘happy team’?  Well, we all trust and can wholeheartedly rely on each other; everyone feels valued and is not afraid to step on egg shells; we all know what role they have to play and truly live by our company values!
Have a defined work zone – but expect the unexpected!
When you don your work hat still be prepared for some unforeseen interruptions to happen… having your child or pet bomb a video meeting is a great opportunity to better connect with staff and clients alike; at the end of the day people want to know the ‘real you’.  Having said this, it is still important to set boundaries.
Managing staff remotely - don’t become a micro manager show appreciation and recognition!
In a recent survey we carried out the novelty of working from home has started to wear off over the last couple of weeks and for some their productivity.  So how do you keep a team motivated remotely?  Words of encouragement and a simple thank you, shows them how much they are appreciated.  Since lock down my team have received chocolates and bubbles every few weeks, a gesture that has been greatly appreciated.
Flexibility = greater productivity!
Overall, we have found that working from home has enabled us to be more productive.  Time savings made by not having to commute means that we can be more flexible around working out of core office hours.
Cost savings 
Are also another major benefit!  With no office rent and commuting costs, everyone is a winner!
Working from home took a bit of getting used to but it’s now something that I cannot ever see us changing.  If you would like to have a call to discuss working for home in more detail then I can be reached on 07768 011999.
Stay safe 
Ruella x