Giving Back

We are passionate about limiting the impact which our business operations have on the environment. In an effort to limit our carbon footprint, we all work from home, which helps limit travel emissions.
The Ruella James Grove, is our new tree-planting initiative.

Each year, the average person in Britain is responsible for the production of around ten thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide - around twice as much as the planet can absorb. We know that this is not sustainable, and impacts the mounting issue of global warming.

At Ruella James we want to do what we can to reduce our impact on global warming. Trees absorb and then store between five and ten kilograms of Carbon per year, which is why we are working with our partners at treeppl.com to plant the Ruella James Grove.

Each year, we will plant trees for every candidate we place into a new job, equating to a great number of trees being planted every year and actively removing carbon from our atmosphere. Over time this will mean that we can achieve our future goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Whilst this initiative actively absorbs Carbon, we are also passionate about the solutions it can provide for the diverse species of British wildlife. Over the years, natural habitats have been lost as a result of the expansion of commercial or residential activity. By planting woodland, we can encourage insects and animals to return home and bring balance back to our wonderful countryside.