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Why use a Recruiter in a Candidate Rich Market?

19 May 2020

by Ruella Crouch

​In a candidate-rich market, it can be difficult to differentiate the best recruitment professionals for your business. When the market is bustling with top billers and sought-after business minds, a recruitment-to-recruitment consultancy can be your key to success.
Knowledge & Insight
Firstly, recruitment-to-recruitment firms benefit from a range of knowledge and connections in the wider recruitment industry. Through extensive connections, both client and candidate facing, 'Rec2Rec' consultancies have a honed insight and understanding of the market, its needs and can inform industry partners of trends that may appear in the near future. This insight allows these firms to offer valuable knowledge to those who work with them, in order to differentiate their service offering and stand out from their competitors, whilst attracting top billing staff and developing a respected reputation.
Connections & Networking
The knowledge and insight mentioned above usually stems from a strong portfolio of connections that exist in the network of a recruitment-to-recruitment agency. For example, Ruella James have, over the last twenty plus years, built professional relationships with a number of both clients and candidates, meaning that we are able to offer our clients and business partners access to the very best individuals in the recruitment market - connections which they may not be able to make otherwise. For our candidates, this means that we are able to assist in fulfilling their aspirations and help them to achieve their 'dream' roles, whilst providing our clients with the most successful recruiters in the industry. The vast networks available to recruitment-to-recruitment firms result in trusted reputations throughout the market, such as the one enjoyed by Ruella James for over twenty years, so that our partners know they will receive a great service with the right people time after time.
Advice & Guidance
Not only can recruitment-to-recruitment firms provide unmatched solutions for your needs, but consultancies such as Ruella James are able to guide and advise clients and candidates alike on a number of topics or issues. The unmatched tenure which consultancies such as ours show enables recruitment-to-recruitment firms to discuss subjects from salary and commission and interview techniques to referencing and attracting high-calibre recruiters. As such, 'Rec2Rec' firms are well equipped to give clients and candidates the industry answers which they need to know fast, and may otherwise struggle to obtain.
Free Up Your Time & Resources
Recruitment agency owners, directors and key decision makers are more than familiar with the foundations on which the recruitment industry is built. Ultimately, we aim to assist our clients by freeing up their time and resources when it comes to placing new staff with experience and a history of delivering great results. As such, a recruitment-to-recruitment agency can be the perfect solution for a time-pressed agency director, as we are able to provide the candidates you need at the standard you desire. In the grand scheme of running a business, we understand your constraints and operate to take these issues away whilst building and developing your team.
Get in Touch
Now that you understand the benefits and service offerings of a recruitment-to-recruitment firm, Ruella James are well equipped to providing award-winning services and outcomes which are tailored to your needs. If you would like to discuss how we can help you further, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Ruella Crouch on 07768 011999.