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Starting a new job remotely!

03 June 2020

by Ruella Crouch

Whilst we’ve seen a lot of companies place their hiring needs on hold, the job market hasn’t come to a complete standstill.   Some of our clients are still hiring and this is how they are on boarding people remotely whilst their offices remain closed.


Who to hire?
Aside from sector knowledge and great billings employers are now having to look for additional qualities in recruiters.  Most of us are social animals and not all will fare well by working in a solo environment.   Additional key attributes to consider will include a strong work ethic, being able to work unsupervised, self-reliant, natural collaborators and strong communication skills is essential.
Virtually meet the team before they start
Set up individual meetings with the teams that your new employee will be working alongside, it is important that they get the chance to introduce themselves as the new employee and also have a good understanding of your unique culture and candidates / clients.
On boarding portal
Put together an on boarding portal!  Placing everything in one place will make everyone’s life a lot easier.  Things like meeting dates, marketing images, processes, templates for emails and social media can all be stored here.
Facebook Group
Set up a private Facebook group and add monthly Facebook Lives with training updates and best practices.  Leaderboards / incentives can also be included here.   Make it fun and interactive.
Assign a mentor
We all have people in our businesses that are ready to take that next step up, so this is not only a great opportunity to help their progression but also aids the new employee embed into your business quicker.  A new employee will feel more inclined to ask for help if needed; maybe set up bi-hourly catch up calls in the first couple of weeks, as every new employee will have lots of questions.
Send a gift with the delivery of technology  
A welcome to our company gift will be a lovely gesture and shows that employees are valued.
Set crystal clear objectives
Provide an on boarding schedule that you would like them to carry out during their first month.  Having regular catch ups to review performance is just as essential as when we were all in the office. 
Team bonding
Have virtual coffee meetings once a week to review how the business is doing as a whole; ideas can be share on how to help one another. Maybe consider involving them in part of a project so they can interact with the wider business.
Training courses
One of the good things that has come out of COVID19, is the advent of more training courses available on line.  If your new employee has any skill gaps then these can easily be addressed if you don’t have the in-house ability to deliver on this.
If you would like to have a call to discuss working from home in more detail then I can be reached on 07768 011999. 
Ruella x