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Beware Of Recruitment Fraud Post-Lockdown

01 September 2020

by Ruella Crouch

​Beware Of Recruitment Fraud Post-Lockdown


Now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted around the UK, a relative return to normality can be expected… but because of the pandemic, thousands of jobs are being cut across all sectors and industries - which means that there are more jobseekers than ever out there at the moment.

Recruitment fraud has been a growing concern over the last few years, with people being scammed of both their time and money as a result of responding to fake adverts being posted on popular recruitment sites.


Now, more than ever, those looking for new jobs need to be on their guard against this, familiarising themselves with fake ads so they know what to keep an eye out for.


People have been known to fill out job applications with their personal details for roles that simply don’t exist, as well as spending significant amounts of money at a time when finances are tight to travel for non-existent interviews. They have also been convinced to part with money for online training, insurance, background checks and so on.


To help protect yourself, always use a reputable and experienced recruitment agency or one that belongs to a trade association, as this means all processes and procedures will have been checked and verified.


Such companies will also be aware of scams like these and will have developed their own ways of working to protect those on their books. They will also take extra steps to make sure that all information presented and the companies recruiting for fresh talent are authentic. If you do think you’ve come across a scam ad, you can consider reporting it to SAFERjobs.