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Two Thirds Of Candidates Complete Online Training in 2020

01 February 2021

by Ruella Crouch

Two-thirds of workers have retrained online to find new jobs during the pandemic, according to a report by HR News.The figures come from a survey which asked 1,521 candidates if they had learnt new skills in 2020 to enhance their CV.


Younger people were most likely to have completed online courses (71% of 16-34-year olds), compared with 57% of over 45-year olds. Almost all planned to use their training to help them find a new job role, and 61% of those made redundant felt hopeful of landing a new job soon.


The efficient vaccine rollout in the UK is expected to help life to return to a more familiar pattern by the summer. Recruiters and job candidates are anticipating the UK economy to open up again, providing new opportunities and reprising furloughed job roles.


Many online courses are available for free, such as the Google Digital Garage. There is a plethora of in-demand skills ready to be learnt in bite-sized chunks, at your own pace. Once you have completed a course, you receive an accredited certificate which can be embedded in your LinkedIn profile.


The Google courses are up-to-the minute in terms of knowledge, and have been put together with the input of the world’s leading employers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs. Particularly in demand are tech and data skills, along with digital marketing. Learners are using them to aid career development, as well as to re-skill for new roles.


The effects of the pandemic continue to change the way we all work and live, and has also provided the opportunity for many to reflect on their career. For some, re-training was a necessary step, but for many others, it is part of a lifestyle change as people seek a fresh start in their career.


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