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What Does The Hybrid Workplace Mean For Recruitment?

22 March 2021

by Ruella Crouch

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last year, and with that, the approach of recruitment needs to change as well.

Many people in the industry saw this change in real-time, with recruitment industry training principles quickly adopting virtual interviews and more technologically driven methods to ensure a healthy and talented recruitment pool.

As businesses figure out the best way to gradually phase workers back into the office and work out their hybrid workplace practices, the recruitment industry can and indeed must adapt.

According to insights from the business networking site LinkedIn, 81 per cent of talent professionals agree that virtual recruiting will continue once people return to offices, with 70 per cent saying it will be the new standard.

This is not surprising, as many of the virtual recruiting techniques were found to be highly effective at bringing in high-quality candidates, with the added benefit of allowing candidates from further afield to be part of recruitment pools in ways that would otherwise be impractical.

The key question that the industry will be asking itself as the situation relaxes is how they will take advantage of virtual recruitment techniques, and whether they will be tailored for particular candidates.

Ultimately the last twelve months have shown out of necessity the value of certain methods of recruiting which have allowed a large proportion of candidates to show their best side in a way that in-person recruiting perhaps did not.

Much like how the new normal will be about trying to make people who embraced remote working and those that prefer the office happy, recruitment will also have to make similar compromises.