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Three Tools That Can Help With Recruitment

28 April 2021

by Ruella Crouch

The past year has highlighted the importance of technological solutions to help with recruitment industry training and fine-tuning application processes that will help find the right person for the job every time.

Recruitment led the way when it came to adjusting to the new normal and has taken the lead in terms of embracing new technologies to continue finding the best candidates.

In fact, LinkedIn’s 2021 trend report suggests that 81 per cent of talent professionals will continue to take advantage of the virtual recruiting technologies that were popularised over the last 12 months.

With this in mind, here are three tools that can help with recruitment.


Application Tracking Systems

There are a lot of processes involved in recruitment, from initial applications and CVs to tested assignments, telephone, virtual and in-person interviews, as well as other parts of a recruitment process.

Keeping track of all of these things is made easier through the use of an all-in-one tracking system. It keeps track of postings, processes CVs, keeps track of interview dates and helps allow you to choose the best candidate for any business you work with.

There are many systems out there, some of which are integrated into job boards, but the best ones include tools to help manage job postings and additional tests.


Email Automation

Communication is key when it comes to any aspect of a business, but even more so in a competitive recruitment environment. This makes automation software, which generates emails, schedule interviews and seeks approval from hiring managers exceptionally important.

The best systems are flexible to work with a myriad of different recruitment systems.


Virtual Interview Software

Theoretically, any video conferencing software can be used for virtual interviews, but the best tools allow for as much emulation of a traditional interview experience, such as integrating CVs, recording interviews in a simple, integrated format and allowing for easy access to hiring managers.